New discounts and services from the OMA for med students

The OMA has arranged special rates for medical students traveling for CaRMS! 

Who doesn't like a deal when traveling? For a limited time, OMSA and the OMA have arranged for discounts for OMA student members with both West Jet and Porter Airlines!  Also, our regular great discounts with VIA Rail Canada and Park’N Fly can also help cut down on the cost of getting to-and-from your CaRMS interviews!

We hope that these help with even some of the stress that comes with CaRMS and electives. 

At the same time we will also be offering new fitness and health programs for OMA med student members. Both Moksha Yoga and Hard Candy are now providing discounts and benefits to via the OMA Advantages program. 

Find out more about travel discounts here

Click here for more about the fitness deals.