Winner of the Meme contest!

And the Winner of the first OMSA meme contest is McMaster Med! All thanks to the beauty of the post by 2nd year student Perry Guo! 

Perry's meme closely edged out well received submissions by Schulich Med clerks Colin Adams and Amrit Kirpalani, and 2nd year Queen's med student Sean Henderson. 

In our opinion the winning meme NAILS what we were all thinking regarding the current year's choice of MD backpacks. However, in a brief statement, Perry bashfully admitted that he actually did NOT vote for the Orange backpacks for the lulz. More on this story later. 

Feel shafted? Unsatisfied with the result, thinking that McMaster is at an unfair meme making advantage due to their distinct curriculum style. Well don't fret, round two of our OMSA Meme Contest is coming up sooner than you think...

Thanks again for all who participated, we had a great time reading through all your submissions!