CMA Elections - A New President to be Elected

OMSA members, check out the CMA website for information about the upcoming CMA elections!
Candidates include Dr. Gail Beck, a child psychiatrist from Ottawa, and Dr. Chris Simpson, a cardiologist from Kingston.  In the current provincial and federal environment, the winner of this election will play an important role in defining the role of the physician in a critical time for Canadian healthcare.  We encourage you to review their platforms and to note that only the 30,000-plus members of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) who also belong to the CMA are eligible to vote in the election, which involves a two-step process - the first being your vote (electronically or by mail) and the second occurs at the CMA GC held in Calgary this summer.  More information can be found at the CMA website.
Detailed bio's for the 2 candidates from the CMA website:

The 2013 nominees are:

  •  Dr. Gail Beck, a child psychiatrist from Ottawa, is past president of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada and the Ottawa Academy of Medicine, and has served as the CMA's acting associate secretary general. She has been a member of the CMA Board for five years, and was elected by the Board to the Executive Committee as member-at-large in 2011 and 2012. She is currently the director of youth outpatient psychiatry at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre
  •  Dr. Chris Simpson, a cardiologist based in Kingston, Ont., is chair of the Canadian Wait Time Alliance. He is executive member-at-large with the Canadian Cardiovascular Society and founding president of the Canadian Heart Rhythm Society. He is currently professor and head of the division of cardiology at Queen's University, and medical director of the cardiac program at the Kingston General Hospital/Hotel Dieu Hospital.

To see how to vote follow the following link: 

Note you may need to be logged on to either the OMA website.