Hungry for Change!


Attention everyone in the South Western Ontario region!

We are excited to invite you to attend the Hungry for Change Gala this Thursday March 6th at 6pm. Alongside great speakers - including the founder of Ghana Medical Help Kelly Hadfield, Professional Lacrosse player Dan Brown, and Keynote Speaker Dr Robert Stein - we will be putting on a silent auction, class band and choir performances, as well as a delicious dinner!

This year we are supporting Huruma Children's Orphanage, Ghana Medical Help, Right to Play, and student electives to underserved areas. 

Guests are randomly served either a “rich” or “poor” dinner, truly illuminating the reason everyone has gathered that night – to experience and reflect upon the global discrepancies in health. 

Ticket sales:

We hope to see you there! 

Peter Cordell
Schulich Meds 2016