Greetings from Moose Factory!

Hi all! My name is Jemy Joseph and I am a third year med student at UOttawa. I am also privileged to be the Director of Representation for Ontario Medical Students' Association. 

I am presently in Moose Factory, ON to do my family medicine core rotation. It's been such an eye-opening experience to witness the health disparities within the Canadian population. Slowly but surely, I'll look forward to sharing some of my insights on this blog!

To start off, where in the world is Moose Factory?! It's a remote island located in northern Ontario at the mouth of James Bay. To give an idea, here's the place on Google Maps:

Oh, also, it's not a factory that produces moose ;) The name "Moose Factory" comes from: Moose for Moose River; The term "Factory" refers to the jurisdiction of a factor (a business agent or merchant in charge of buying or selling) of the Hudson's Bay Company. [Wikipedia]

- Jemy Joseph (University of Ottawa)