OMSA stands for the Ontario Medical Students Association, the community that includes every medical student in Ontario and brings together the essence of our medical school experience with our diverse student population. OMSA is also the dedicated student voice of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). The organization represent the views and concerns of the over 3,000 Ontario medical students on a number of issues. 

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Happy Holidays From OMSA

From all of us to all of you, we hope that 2014 has been a great year for you, within and outside of school. May you enjoy the holiday season and relax with you friends, family, and loved ones. Onwards to 2015 and all the adventures it may bring!

OMSA Med Student of the Month: Beverley Preater

This month's student highlight is Beverley Preater, a 4th year from University of Ottawa. Her story is here. You should read it, because it's amazing!

Timeline of year's events up

Want to know what's coming up with OMSA and what we have planned for you? Check out this infographic which details our current line up of events and activities for the year. 

#DearFutureMD photos are up!

During OMSW 2014 we ran a campaign called #DearFutureMD where we had you share with us messages you wanted to pass on to your future practicing self. We were touched by the thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, and sincerity of your words. Pictures are up here.

OMSW 2014 Photos are up! 

OMSW 2014 in Niagara was a great success, hope you all had a good time. Thanks to McMaster for being such a great host. Photos of the event are up on our gallery here. Or you can check out all our photos on our Flickr stream.

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Bloggers wanted 

Writers, bloggers, and social media divas unite, OMSA has launched a med student blog. We wanted to hear more of the stories from medical students across Ontario as well as share what sort of experiences are happening in medical school. Check out the new blog here, submit an entry here, or join our regular writing group by emailing our editor

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