OMSA stands for the Ontario Medical Students Association, the community that includes every medical student in Ontario and brings together the essence of our medical school experience with our diverse student population. OMSA is also the dedicated student voice of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). The organization represent the views and concerns of the over 3,000 Ontario medical students on a number of issues. 

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Recent News

OMSW 2014! Get ready to register!

OMSW 2014, the once a year all med student event, is happening this year at the beautiful site of Niagara Falls, hosted by McMaster! Registration is coming up fast, click here or the link above for dates, details, and to sign up!

Wellness Committee Application!

Are you interested in medical student wellness and looking to make a difference in improving learner well-being? OMSA is looking to fill its Wellness Committee, applications are due Sept 30th! More information can be found here! Send in your applications to services@omsa.ca

OPAC Application Deadline!

Our deadline to apply to the Ontario Political Advocacy Committee has been extended to September 30th! Applications still go to representation@omsa.ca 

For more info, check out our full updated post here.

Conference Grants are up for 2014-2015!

Are you planning on presenting some research for the upcoming school year? OMSA is here to help you with some funding opportunities. Check out our conference grants for 2014-2015 here!

August's Ontario Medical Student of the Month

August's Medical Student of the month is Linden Head from uOttawa! Read more about it here!

OMA at your Orientation! 

Are you starting medical school in the fall? Congratulations! Make sure you attend your schools Orientation events and have a great time. The OMA & CMA will be there to introduce themselves. Find out more here!

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Bloggers wanted 

Writers, bloggers, and social media divas unite, OMSA has launched a med student blog. We wanted to hear more of the stories from medical students across Ontario as well as share what sort of experiences are happening in medical school. Check out the new blog here, submit an entry here, or join our regular writing group by emailing our editor

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