Attend OMA's General Meeting with OMSA

Dear Ontario Medical Students,

The Ontario Medical Association is holding a General Meeting of Members (GMoM) to discuss the Binding Arbitration framework that was recently agreed upon between the OMA’s negotiations committee and the Ministry. This framework will form the guiding principles through which the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC) and the OMA will negotiate the terms of future Physician Services Agreements.

Under the terms of the proposed binding arbitration framework, if the OMA and MOHLTC are unable to reach an agreement in 60 days, there will be a mediation process to reach a binding agreement in renewing the Physician Services Agreement. The full agreement, additional OMA resources that are available to help you include an explanatory overview, a detailed FAQ and a clause by clause interpretative guide are available through the OMA website.

If you are an OMA member, you are able to vote on the proposed binding arbitration framework, either online or in person at the GMoM. This GMoM to discuss and vote on this framework will be taking place on June 17th in Toronto at the Westin Convention Centre, with registration beginning at 8:00 am. The date for this event is quickly approaching, and OMSA would like to invite members of the general assembly to attend.

One of our priorities for OMSA this year is encouraging wider student engagement. Subsidizing travel costs will hopefully remove some of the perceived barriers for students who have previously not engaged with OMSA or the OMA. Attending is a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of how the OMA functions as well as the decision process around agreements with the Ministry.

We have made a quick survey to fill out if you would like to attend. It will help us determine how many people we can support in terms of transportation costs to the meeting. Please complete this form ( by Sunday June 11th at 11:59PM at the latest. We will contact you by June 12th with a proposed subsidy. 

If you already know that you would like to attend the GMoM (i.e. your attendance does not depend on receiving subsidization of your transportation costs, or you are already in Toronto), you can register for the meeting with the OMA using the following form:
Please still fill out our Google form above so we can connect with all of the OMSA attendees at the meeting.

Thank you for your attention.


Andrew Dawson Chair Of OMSA

Andrew Dawson
Chair Of OMSA

Vivian NG Co-Chair of OMSA

Vivian NG
Co-Chair of OMSA

OMSA Response to MOHLTC's Proposal for New Reimbursement Plan for Physician Services

Hey fellow medical students!

Your Ontario Medical Students’ Association (OMSA) team here! With the holidays fast approaching, receiving information about the ongoing issues between the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and the government can be overwhelming and difficult to decipher - we feel the same way! We are working hard to make information on recent events available for you in a transparent and concise way, and we are truly interested in hearing your opinions and views on what is happening so we can best represent all of you.

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (Ministry) presented a proposal for a new reimbursement plan for physician services on December 14th. The OMA was not consulted during the proposal development and, although the Ministry has expressed interest in engaging with the OMA going forward, the proposed plan is not up for negotiation. The Ministry’s absence of meaningful consultation risks further erosion of its relationship with the medical profession.

So where does this leave us medical students? Well, we are worried about the impact this development could have on our education. The OMA has not ruled out job action in response to the proposal. Job action typically refers to employees taking measures to disrupt normal workflow to put pressure on employers and/or the government. In other industries this can mean a withdrawal of services while the workforce is on strike. Although it is unclear what job action might look like for the medical profession, it could potentially disrupt medical education with respect to clerkship supervision and access to clinical teaching opportunities. We want to do what we can to prevent this, so OMSA is reaching out to the parties involved to explore safeguards that would minimize any disruptions to students’ quality of education. 

We will provide more detailed information about the Ministry proposal and potential job action in our next communique and in the new year. In the meantime, we invite you to share your thoughts, questions or concerns with us so we can continue to do our best to represent you!

How? Contact your friendly neighbourhood VP External to relay your comments to OMSA, or contact our Director of Representation directly, Lauren Crosby (

Wishing you best of luck on your remaining exams and the happiest of holidays! 

Ali Damji & Justin Cottrell

Lauren Crosby
Director of Representation    

OMSA Executive Response to NO Result for Physician Services Agreement 2016

Dear OMSA members,

After intense debate, analysis, and engagement, the province’s medical students, residents, and physicians have made a decision on the tentative Physician Services Agreement. Overall, 63.1% voted against the Agreement, either in person at the August 14 General Meeting or by proxy. The total participation rate was 55% of the OMA’s membership. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of our members who weighed in on this agreement on social media, email with the OMSA Executive, and in discussions with each other and your physician and resident mentors. We are inspired by you and hope that your engagement in medical politics and with OMSA does not end here.

The path forward is uncertain. However, OMSA will continue to advocate strongly on behalf of medical students, and a system that provides sustainability and high-quality care for our future patients.


Your OMSA Executive

OMSA Executive Endorses YES Vote for Physician Services Agreement 2016

As the representative voice of Ontario’s 3,500 medical students, the Executive of the Ontario Medical Students Association has voted to endorse the 2016 tentative Physician Services Agreement (PSA) between the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC).Over the past week, the OMSA Executive has consulted a wide variety of sources, including information and legal analyses from the Ontario Medical Association, Concerned Ontario Doctors, the Professional Association of Residents of Ontario, and analyzed the Physician Services Agreement in order to best determine the impact it will have on medical students. Additionally, both Co-Chairs of the Ontario Medical Students Association have been observers on the Board of the Ontario Medical Association and have seen the PSA’s development firsthand. 

From our analysis of the PSA 2016, we encourage all OMSA members to vote “yes”! 

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Statement: Ontario Medical Students (OMSA) & Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) Statement Regarding Residency Reduction Update

As medical student representative organizations, both the Ontario Medical Students Association (OMSA) and the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) would like to update our members on the anticipated reductions in the number of Canadian Medical Graduate (CMG) PGY-1 residency positions for the the 2017 R1 Main Residency Match.

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