OMSA stands for the Ontario Medical Students Association, the community that includes every medical student in Ontario and brings together the essence of our medical school experience with our diverse student population. OMSA is also the dedicated student voice of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). The organization represent the views and concerns of the over 3,000 Ontario medical students on a number of issues. 

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Recent News

Meeting the Medical Student of October: Erika McKenzie

This month the Ontario medical student we would like to feature is Erika McKenzie from Queen's. Check out all her amazing achievements on our blog!

OMA General Council Student Ambassador Program

Each year the OMA hosts its annual General Council in November. This year it will be in Toronto between Nov 21 and 23rd and they would like interested 1st and 2nd year medical students to participate. If you are interested in medical leadership, policy, or even just curious about the OMA, you SHOULD apply. Check out the link below for more details.

OMA Advantages provide new services for students!

Medical students traveling for CaRMS or looking for ways to stay fit and healthy during their electives or studies will benefit greatly from the new OMA discounts. They are available for med students so check out here for more info! 

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Bloggers wanted 

Writers, bloggers, and social media divas unite, OMSA has launched a med student blog. We wanted to hear more of the stories from medical students across Ontario as well as share what sort of experiences are happening in medical school. Check out the new blog here, submit an entry here, or join our regular writing group by emailing our editor

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