OMSA stands for the Ontario Medical Students Association, the community that includes every medical student in Ontario and brings together the essence of our medical school experience with our diverse student population. OMSA is also the dedicated student voice of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). The organization represent the views and concerns of the over 3,000 Ontario medical students on a number of issues. 

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Recent News

OMSA and CFMS Joint Message: Reduction of CMG PGY-1 Positions in Ontario 

There is an impending reduction in the number of residency positions that will be available in the province of Ontario for the 2016 and 2017 R1 Main Residency Matches. Please read our joint statement with the CFMS on this matter here.

Read about the OMSA Medical Student of the Month of May: Jeremy Chitpin

Our latest featured medical student story brings us to Schulich, where we share with you his achievements. Read more about him here!

Wellness Retreat photos are up!

The photos from our 2015 Wellness Retreat are now our page. Check them out here!

OMA Transition to Residency Series:

Attention all graduating students, the OMA will be coming to your schools soon to give you important prep information about how to move forward into residency. More details here.

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